Monday, September 19, 2011

We better win the $25K!!!

Mercedes Benz is offering 5 $25K grants to not for profit organizations who create a 60 second spot and submit it to them by the end of the month. This would be an amazing amount of money to come back to our school and could buy each classroom technology that will bring us to the tail end of last century...

Whose kids did the higher ups choose? My adorable 14...well, if their parents sign release forms, of course. So I had three kids whose folks did not sign release forms because of misunderstandings...and one kid who didn't go with the rest of the ten and then felt all day like he wasn't included (despite dressing for the occasion) because his English abilities weren't on par with the rest (there are no speaking roles).

I ended up teaching the kids I had things that I'll get to this week with their classmates - or not - but still on level with what we're doing in class all week. I even modeled and guided them through their math homework packets for the week in an attempt to make sure that at least they pass the test on Friday!

I planned for the whole week's worth of instruction in all content areas - this week being a key week for math because we have an end of chapter test on Friday...and do I see my kids all day? Oh no...and they will also be gone tomorrow! ARGH! On top of all this I got an e-mail today from my principal saying that I will have the 5th-8th grade kids tomorrow (along with the now two(?) kids whose parents didn't sign release forms AND my own third graders...It will feel like a one room school house!

I know, I'm complaining now...but if we win this I really will just have to grin and say, "I knew my kids could do it!"

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