Sunday, September 4, 2011

I've got a job!

On Sunday, August 21, I told my friend Liz, an educator, that I was practically unemployable. I have the same qualifications as every other Joe who has a teaching degree, despite my 31 years of existing, and apparently, no qualities that bring me over the rest of them!

Suffice it to say when I took my son Daniel to the pool on Monday it was with a resigned notion that I will spend my time taking night classes to complete my ELL certification and spending as much time with my son and husband, and, what the heck, trying for Bell number 2.

Then I got a call. My name and resume had come across the desk of the new principal at the Socrates Day School in Deerfield.
Would I be free to interview on Tuesday morning? Are you kidding? Of COURSE I would be free...except for that darn doctor's appointment...
Would 12:30 be better?
Um, yes, absolutely yes!
Bring whatever you can show us from your teaching experience and we'll see you tomorrow.

NEXT DAY - Tuesday
Running late from my doctor's appointment I am moderately freaking out but figure I would call to let her know that I am still interested and on my way. The principal said it was no problem and to drive carefully. I'm so nervous and my husband is in Mexico so I call my best friend Greg who doesn't answer his I call my friend Sebastian. He always has something cheeky to say and can take my mind off of the nerves while still being able to focus on driving. Thirty minutes later I arrive a bit weary from the insane traffic but more calm than I was when I first got in the car thanks to Sebastian.

The interview went well. They asked about differentiated instruction, working with ELL students, what kind of lessons I did with my students. I showed my Writer's Notebook, the unit binder I created on Place Value, complete with the TWS that NIU made us do our senior year showing results before and after the unit was implemented and the steps I took to differentiate instruction, I even shared my itinerary for the field trip I put together with some help during my semester of student teaching.It lasted longer than the last interview earlier in the summer. I couldn't understand who the other lady was sitting in on the interview or why she was there but she was also keen on seeing what I had to bring and in what I was saying. I get told how much a teacher would make to start and am asked if I would mind working after school for two hours on M-W-F to watch kids of parents who can't make it to school at pick-up. I say, "Sure!"

The second woman then asks if I would like to see the school and ended up giving me a tour of the WHOLE SCHOOL!!! Do they give school tours if they aren't interested in hiring you?...and do they introduce you to people like the school board president or the guy without whom the school would not run smoothly? There are so many names I think my head is going to explode. The people I meet are all intrigued by me and ask if I'm the new second grade teacher. The lady responds, "She is a strong candidate whom we are considering." Do I get the job?
I say goodbye and shake hands. They tell me that they will let me know either way (I've heard this before) and that I might get a call later today (that has to be good right?!?!?)

I call my mom - who is at the pool with Daniel and does not answer. I call Anna - one of my best girl friends and biggest supporter on the job hunt - and we talk about the interview and what I said, what they said, etc. My mom calls back and I switch over for a second...apparently my new boss called while I was on the line with both because there was a message when I got off the phone with Mom and Anna...I listen to the message...
We'd like to offer you the position of second grade teacher.

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